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About JAGH

Japanese Association of Groundwater Hydrology was established as an incorporated association in 1959, with the mission to contribute to the

  • Advancement of the groundwater research, management, protection, development and education.
  • Providing a common meeting place for scientists, engineers, and those who are interested in groundwater related issues.
  • Collection or organization and dissemination of information on groundwater science and technology.

Over the years, the JAGH membership has increased to 864 members (as of May 27, 2011) through extensive activities, such as

  • publishing the periodicals (four per year) and books
  • organizing meetings, symposiums and short courses
  • conducting research on specific topics related groundwater
  • answering groundwater related question raised by general public, and organizing activities to increase public awareness of importance of groundwater resources
  • including scientific exchange among scientists, engineers, educators, managers and regulators.

The activities are funded by the membership fee, registration fee of the meetings and donations.

President's Message


Prof. Dr. Tomochika TOKUNAGA  

President of JAGH  

   Groundwater is a hidden, invisible water resource, but it is quite important for our society. Understanding and taking an interest in the behavior of groundwater and its related systems will strengthen our ability to create a sustainable society. It is well known that groundwater constitutes a part of the terrestrial water cycle; hence, securing good water cycle conditions through appropriate groundwater management/governance and developing a strategy for sustainable water resources are equally important issues. Furthermore, the subsurface environment is heavily used, and groundwater has both positive and negative impacts depending on how the subsurface environment is used. Overall, a deep understanding of groundwater-related systems is essential for designing a better future society by integrating the issues and proposing solutions that will secure our water resources in an era of climate change, increase disaster prevention and preparedness, and efficiently use and manage subsurface resources.
   The Japanese Association of Groundwater Hydrology (JAGH) is the leading society dealing with groundwater-related problems from the natural sciences to the social sciences. It is run based on strong collaboration among academia, industry, and administrative officials. Our activities include publication of the Journal of Groundwater Hydrology; meetings, symposia, and seminars; and active committee meetings tackling a variety of scientific and social issues. We have also developed various highly collaborative activities with international societies and have been promoting young researchers/students by honoring their activities.
   Our mission is to contribute to further enhancing the well-being of our society and ecosystems through activities related to groundwater sciences. I am very much looking forward to your participation in JAGH activities. 


JAGH Membership offers an excellent opportunity for you and your corporation to be in contact with other groundwater specialists and hydrologist.

Membership Categories

Anyone interested in the objectives of the JAGH is eligible for membership and may become a member upon payment of membership fee.

  • Regular Member
    Domestic(Japan):7,000Yen per year,  International:8,000Yen per year
  • Student Member
    4,000Yen per year


A regular member who are older than 70 and have made great contributions to groundwater hydrology, development of groundwater project ,and management of the association shall receive Honorary Membership.

  • Honorary Member
    not be required to pay membership fees


Corporations, institutions, and organizations which support the objectives of the JAGH may join a corporate member. The level of benefits varies according to the number of “lots” you acquire.

  • Corporate Member
    20,000Yen per lot, Minimum 1 lot per year

Membership Benefits

Regular/Student membership benefits include: 

  • Subscription to Journal of Groundwater Hydrology
  • Participation in JAGH training session at reduiced registration fee
  • The ability to contribute an article to Journal of Groundwater Hydrology*
  • The ability to present an oral/poster presentation at JAGH spring/fall meetings

*The first author of a manuscript contributed to the journal must be a regular/student member of JAGH.


Corporate membership benefits include:

  • Subscription to Journal of Groundwater Hydrology
  • Participation in JAGH training session at reduiced registration fee
  • 50% discount on an exhibit space rent at JAGH spring/fall meetings
  • Official link exchange between JAGH and your website

Join Membership

  1. Send your application form by mail or fax to the JAGH secretariat
    >> Application form
    Fax: 03-3549-1135
  2. Payment of your membership fee for 1 year

Resign your membership

Resignation form> Contact to JAGH secretariat


Journal of Groundwater Hydrology


J-Stage: Journal of Groundwater Hydorology

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*English paper list(J-STAGE)
Journal of Groundwater Hydrology

The Journal of the Japanese Association of Groundwater Hydrology