The Groundwater Project

 NPO法人 The Groundwater Project は,2020年ストックホルム水大賞を受賞したジョン・チェリー博士が主催しています。

 ※ジョン・チェリー博士は,1979年に出版された地下水の教科書とされる,Dr. Allan Freeze/Dr. John Cherry「Groundwater」の筆者です。本書も Books for You からダウンロード可能です。

The Groundwater Project

Books for You

●BASIC PRINCIPLES (in suggested reading order for visitors new to groundwater topics)
 1.Groundwater in Our Water Cycle (in English and Turkish)
 2.Hydrogeologic Properties of Earth Materials and Principles of Groundwater Flow
 3.Conceptual and Visual Understanding of Hydraulic Head and Groundwater Flow
 4.Graphical Construction of Groundwater Flow Nets
 5.Groundwater Storage in Confined Aquifers
 6.Groundwater-Surface Water Exchange
 7.Groundwater Velocity
 8.Introduction to Isotopes and Environmental Tracers as Indicators of Groundwater Flow
 9.Flux Equations for Gas Diffusion in Porous Media
 10.Groundwater Microbiology

 1.Groundwater Resource Development
 2.Septic System Impacts on Groundwater Quality
 3.Hydrogeology and Mineral Resource Development
 4.Geologic Frameworks for Groundwater Flow Models (in English and Portuguese)
 5.Managed Aquifer Recharge: Southern Africa
 6.Land Subsidence and its Mitigation

 1.Groundwater (in English, Portuguese and Turkish)
 2.Dense Chlorinated Solvents and other DNAPLs in Groundwater
 3.Analysis and Evaluation of Pumping Test Data (2nd Edition, completely revised)

 1.Wally & Deanna's Groundwater Adventure... to the Saturated Zone
  (in English, Spanish, Greek and Chinese)