The Groundwater Project

 NPO法人 The Groundwater Project は,2020年ストックホルム水大賞を受賞したジョン・チェリー博士が主催しています。

 ※ジョン・チェリー博士は,1979年に出版された地下水の教科書とされる,Dr. Allan Freeze/Dr. John Cherry「Groundwater」の筆者です。本書も Books for You からダウンロード可能です。

The Groundwater Project

Books for You

●BASIC PRINCIPLES (in suggested reading order for visitors new to groundwater topics)
 1.Groundwater in Our Water Cycle (in English[Updated:27 February 2022],Turkish and Catalan)
 2.Hydrogeologic Properties of Earth Materials and Principles of Groundwater Flow
       [Updated:29 December 2020]
 3.Conceptual and Visual Understanding of Hydraulic Head and Groundwater Flow[Released:20 October 2020]
 4.Graphical Construction of Groundwater Flow Nets (in English[Updated:10 January 2021] and Spanish)
 5.Groundwater Storage in Confined Aquifers[Released:10 November 2020]
 6.Groundwater-Surface Water Exchange[Updated:03 October 2020]
 7.Groundwater Velocity[Updated:27 December 2020]
 8.Introduction to Isotopes and Environmental Tracers as Indicators of Groundwater Flow
       [Updated:18 December 2020]
 9.Flux Equations for Gas Diffusion in Porous Media[Updated:09 February 2022]
 10.Groundwater Microbiology[Updated:03 February 2022]
 11.Introduction to Karst Aquifers[Updated:23 May 2022]
 12.Variable-Density Groundwater Flow[Released:02 June 2022]
 13.Stable Isotope Hydrologyw[Released:08 December 2022] New!

 1.Groundwater Resource Development[Updated:10 November 2020]
 2.Septic System Impacts on Groundwater Quality[Updated:03 August 2021]
 3.Hydrogeology and Mineral Resource Development[Updated:04 April 2021]
 4.Geologic Frameworks for Groundwater Flow Models (in English[Updated:17 May 2022] and Portuguese)
 5.Managed Aquifer Recharge: Southern Africa[Released:23 July 2021]
 6.Land Subsidence and its Mitigation[Released:10 August 2021]
 7.A Conceptual Overview of Surface and Near-Surface Brines and Evaporite Minerals
       [Updated:11 January 2022]
 8.Fluoride in Groundwater[Released:11 January 2022]
 9.Electrical Imaging for Hydrogeology[Released:18 January 2022]
 10.Domestic Wells /Introduction and Overview[Released:16 March 2022]
 11.Water Well Record Databases and Their Uses[Released:16 March 2022] 
 12.Large Aquifer Systems Around the World[Released:July 2022]
 13.Distributed Fiber-Optic Hydrogeophysics[Released:July 2022]
 14.Dissolved Organic Carbon in Groundwater Systems[Updated:January 2023] New!
 15.The Edwards Aquifer[Released:September 2022]
 16.Fractures and Faults in Sandstone and Sandstone-Shale/Mudstone Sequences
   and Their Impact on Groundwater[Updated:January 2023] New!
 17.Groundwater in Peat and Peatlands[Updated:March 2023] New!
 18.Structural Geology Applied to Fractured Aquifer Characterization[Updated:April 2023] New!

 1.Groundwater (in English, Portuguese and Turkish)
 2.Dense Chlorinated Solvents and other DNAPLs in Groundwater
 3.Analysis and Evaluation of Pumping Test Data (2nd Edition, completely revised)
 4.Contaminant Transport Through Aquitards:A State of the Science Review[Released:25 August 2006]
 5.Contaminant Transport Through Aquitards:Technical Guidance for Aquitard Assessment
        [Released:25 August 2006]

 1.Wally & Deanna's Groundwater Adventure... to the Saturated Zone
  (in English, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Hausa, Hungarian, Afrikaans and Urdu)
 2.Claire and the Invisible Water[Released:July 2022]